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My latest trike, almost done, FOR SALE, Make offer


Hello to all of you I know, and to those I don't!

I'm Steve Hutchison, formerly of Hutchison Trikes and Components. This is my latest build.

This trike is almost complete. My circumstances have changed, so it's time to sell it off.

Feel free to call and ask any questions, but here are some basics:

  • 2000 cc VW Vanagon motor, 1979. I've only run it for a few seconds so far, but plan on starting it in the next few days.

  • Dual Weber 44mm carbs.

  • Fully automatic transmission from a 1969 VW Squareback. The last trike I had with this engine and trans combo was the only trike I've had that would do an honest 100 mph, and get there fast.

  • Springer front end.

  • 80 spoke front wheel with no brake.

  • Ultimate” front seat, a big soft comfortable one. You can see I don't have the backrest quite done yet.

  • Corbeau rear seat, with added foam cushioning.

  • Custom Frame. I took some design cues from old flat-tracker frames. Took some work to make this one.

  • Two five gallon gas tanks.

  • Antique trunk. As you can see, some fool cut through the beautiful brass hasp with a grinder. The hasp has a date on it of 1898.

  • Taillights are real Ford Model T sidelamps, converted to electric. They contain tail, turn, and brake functions with dual filament red bulbs and original glass.

  • Antique headlight with original glass, converted to hi/lo beam halogen. I have been able to identify it exactly, but it's some kind of old auxilliary lamp, certainly close to a hundred years old.

  • Switches are on left handlebar. Wiring runs hidden through handlebars.

  • Rear fenders are steel trailer fenders. I need to finish up the bracing on them.

  • I have a front fender I haven't mounted yet.

  • Fenders and top gas tank are primered. I personally think it looks good that way, and didn't plan to paint it.

  • The trike is fully wired, except for the horn, which I should be doing shortly.

  • Fuel and brake lines are run, and just need to tighten 'em up and bleed the brakes.

  • Stock Squareback brakes. Haven't checked the shoes yet.

  • Front seat height is 20”.


I have built maybe fifteen trikes, as well as chopping several bikes, and this is my favorite. I've never seen one anywhere with this kind of look. I think it looks killer, but of course I would. I do have to sell it, so make me an offer! Best offer probably wins. 

Call or text Steve at 541-729-4593 even if you don't want to buy it. I like talking to trikers. You can also email me at

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RE: My latest trike, almost done, FOR SALE

By the way, I wanted to post it on "the other site", but they wanted $20 for the ad so I skipped it. But if you think you know one of the old brethren that might be interested, please send 'em here.

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